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South Dartmoor CTC
Weekly cycling adventures for youngsters in South Devon
  • Rides, weekends, tours and social activities for young cyclists aged 10-16
  • Part of the national Cyclists' Touring Club, one of Britain's largest cycling organisations
  • Many activities suitable for new members
  • All activities start from Buckfastleigh
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Friday 20 January 2017
Social: Decided on the Day
This social will be decided nearer the time. You can take part if you rode with us on one of our club rides during the pasy three weeks.

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Sunday 15 January 2017
Day ride: Ashprington (24 mi)Cloudy with sunny spells, 10°C
6 present: Tao Burgess, Dillan Edwards, Michael Jones, Jude Norris, George Rogers, John Rogers
Harbertonford (12:33)
A snack stop at Harbertonford Post Office and Stores (12:32)
Ashprington (13:06)
Harbertonford (12:34)
Dillan, Jude, George and Tao on the cycle path between Ashprington and Totnes (13:29)
John on the cycle path from Ashprington to Totnes, following the River Dart (13:21)
Tao and Michael had planned a route last week for today’s ride, so when everyone had finally arrived at 10.40 we set off up Dean Hill, impressed by the speed at which new rider Jude reached the top. Crossing the new and very expensive bridge at Drybridge we took the lanes to Venton Cross and continued on past Blakemore. The track to Peak Cross looked rather muddy so we crossed the main road at Gerston and took the lane to Harbertonford, a route we used frequently on our day rides in the 1990s. Michael recalled the time when veteran member Frank Boyes from Torbay pulled a starting pistol out of his saddlebag without warning to scare off an aggressive dog in the 1980s.

At Harbertonford the Post Office and Stores provided a convenient refreshment stop. The river and bridge, coupled with the disused telephone box purchased and maintained by the council, made the whole area very scenic. The lack of coffee and hot food coupled with high prices was disappointing, however. Perhaps we should have visited the garage around the corner?

Next we followed the Mill Leat road to Bow Bridge, busy and interesting as always. There is a ford across the river, but even the bravest members gave that a miss today in view of the high water flow. A short climb brought us to Ashprington village from where we joined the cycle path to Totnes. This felt much easier in this direction, offering great descents and spectacular views over the Dart. Michael and Tao remembered the times when some sections were just too boggy or steep to negotiate easily by bike, but the new tarmac path has solved all those problems.

We were heading for the Totnes Morrisons for lunch, and we arrived by 1.45. There was a 25 minute wait for food, but prices were cheap as usual and most were satisfied with the meals they were served. Tao bought a doughnut that was packed with jam so Michael then bought a pack of five from the bakery and shared them out. Tao reckoned they were the best doughnuts money could buy and did his best to make things difficult for John, who had decided not to have one.

We took the riverside cycle path back to Dartington, passing numerous Cider Press shoppers along the way, then after pumping John’s tyre on the descent to Riverford Bridge we returned along Colston Road after a very satisfying and varied ride. Jude still had plenty of energy when we got home - very impressive considering this was only his second ride with us.

Today's ride included a total climb of 521m.

Friday 13 January 2017
Social: Pizza Hut
4 present: Dillan Edwards, Michael Jones, Jude Norris, George Rogers
Our members always enjoy a trip to Pizza Hut at Plymouth. Today we had two sharing pizzas with starters and dessert, all for around £10 each.

We concluded the evening with some games of Air Hockey at Tenpin as all the Pool tables were in use. Dillan seemed very excited that he managed to beat Michael, so when Michael beat George he was confident that he could also beat George. Things did not work out quite as he planned though.

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