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Friday 23 March 2018
Social: Badminton
The social this evening will be computer games at Crofters followed by badminton at Ashmoor from 8.30. The social is open to anyone who has ridden with us over the past three weeks and all ex-members of the club. Additionally, special invititations are extended for badminton only to Will, Harry, Mark and Ziggy. You need to bring £3.50 to cover the badminton.

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Friday 16 March 2018
Social: Badminton
0 present:
Report to follow

Sunday 11 March 2018
Morning ride: AshburtonLight rain and showers
6 present: Dillan Edwards, Michael Jones, Jude Norris, George Rogers, John Rogers, Will Rogers
Ashburton skate park (14:45)
Jude, George and Dillan try out the skate park at Ashburton (14:45)
A poor weather forecast and the possibility of Ziggy joining us from Ashburton prompted us to arrange a short ride this morning to Ashburton, in light rain. We had brought our badminton rackets and enjoyed a fair session at Ashmoor leisure centre despite the loss of more than 75% of the lights, which have still not been replaced after over a year.

When we left the rain had settled in quite steadily so we popped into the Brick House café for an hour of refreshments before heading back to Buckfastleigh in bright sunshine.

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