South Dartmoor CTC


Friday 14 June 1991
Evening ride (Buckfastleigh): HemburyWet
11 present: Tao Burgess, Stan Ford, Ashley Freeman, Dayle Guy, Matthew Hamlyn-White, Martin Hills, Matthew Jeffery, Michael Jones, Martin Luke, Chris Platt, David Platt
Light drizzle near Buckfast didn't dampen spirits too much, as everyone voted to continue the ride. Heavy rain halfway along the Hembury track forced a re-vote, however, and this time all but three voted to return to Crofters for a viewing of a Star Trek video. The three returned later, looking rather muddy.

Saturday 15 June 1991Weekend ride (Hardriders): Boundary RideOne shower, windy
1 present: Richard Hopper
Riders from different Sections rode to meet each other at various youth hostels around the edge of the county to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the CTC in Devon. Richard rode to Salcombe, where he met Derek and Mike from Plymouth. We had a short walk along the cliff path before dinner, and then had the pleasure of sitting in the bay window watching the sunset over the estuary. The hostel was almost empty, surprisingly, and the five of us (including the warden and an Australian visitor) gossiped peacefully. While we solved all the world's problems one of the hostel's colony of bats flitted around in the fading light, catching an early evening meal.

On Sunday we rode together for a few miles, chatting over the ever-changing fortunes of cycling, before our paths divided once more.

Sunday 16 June 1991Day ride: Cranbrook CastleBreezy, sunny with showers
25 present: Neil Ault, Martin Hills, Ben Hobday, Karina Hobday, Roxanne Hobday, Dave Humphreys, Matthew Jago, Michael Jones, Stephen Larkin, Alex Lessware, Martin Luke, Daniel May (Junior, Devon), Unknown Rider 1, Unknown Rider 2, Unknown Rider 3, Martin Rushworth, Debbie Twydell, James Twydell, Ken Twydell, Paul Twydell, Julie Twydell-Hobday, Andrew Walker, Charlie Walker, Lorraine Walker, Tom Widger
Tom, Alex, Matthew Jago, Martin Luke, Martin Rushworth and Martin Hills at Cranbrook Castle
Dave Humphreys, Alex, Tom and Martin at Cranbrook Castle
After a gentle ride along the Lustleigh railway track, about half the group (mainly the oldies and the very youngies) decided to shorten the ride and headed straight for the Primrose café. The rest of us - including Paul and Ben - took the Wray valley road from Bovey Tracey and stopped for lunch near the old railway bridge on the outskirts of Moretonhampstead, sitting on piles of logs. Stephen and Daniel decided to head homewards for some reason, leaving the rest of us to continue to the destination.

Conditions were somewhat breezy on the hill, but the views were extensive. We returned home via Chagford and Hound Tor rocks, leaving Paul and Ben very ready to consume tea at Crofters and await the arrival of Mum in the van.

Wednesday 19 June 1991
Evening ride (Paignton): CancelledRain
1 present: Dave Humphreys
Dave abandoned the ride owing to the bad weather.

Friday 21 June 1991
Evening ride (Buckfastleigh): Brutus BridgeDry
9 present: Julian Duquemin, Andrew Guy, Matthew Hamlyn-White, Martin Hills, Michael Jones, Paul Oakley, Chris Platt, Martin Rushworth, Joseph Watkins
The famous Totnes track was the destination this evening, which we reached by traversing Colston road. Most of the youngsters missed the whole point of the track by racing along it at full pelt. During the return, which was via Barracks Hill and Rattery, we were horrified to see a live rat sitting beside the entrance to a Week farm. It didn't run off, so we presumed it had eaten some rat poison kindly left for it by the farmer.

Sunday 23 June 1991Day ride: Elender CoveWet
5 present: Neil Ault, Luke Hatherly, Martin Hills, Dave Humphreys, Michael Jones
Five souls braved the foul weather conditions in order to meet in a Totnes café for coffee, but nobody fancied continuing to the destination so the ride was abandoned.

Wednesday 26 June 1991
Evening ride (Paignton): Destination UnknownShowers
5 present: John Horsler (Adult, Devon), Ken Twydell, Dave Vernon (Adult, Paignton), Mark Vernon, Charlie Walker
Despite the weather, five hardy souls turned up with the intention of having a short ride, getting soaked and going home early. In the event the heavy rain never materialised so we kept extending the ride until eventually returning home for 9.00.

The pace was unusually very fast, averaging about 12mph. New members Dave and Mark Vernon showed their high level of basic fitness as they kept up despite high gears and a terminal bottom bracket on Dave's bike.

Friday 28 June 1991
Evening ride (Buckfastleigh): Avon DamDry
9 present: Neil Ault, Alan Dawson, Ashley Freeman, Dayle Guy, Matthew Hamlyn-White, Martin Hills, Michael Jones, Keir Manning, Chris Platt
We took our usual route up to Shipley Bridge and back to Cross Furzes, the only memorable incident occurring when Neil hit a stone on a descent and buckled his front wheel.

Friday 28 June 1991Night ride: MoretonhampsteadDry & moonlit
2 present: Martin Hills, Richard Hopper
Originally scheduled for the previous week, the threat of bad weather had prompted a postponement. A shame really, for about fifteen riders had expressed their intention of going. This week we had just two: Martin and Richard. We altered the route to take account of the wind, and a nearly full moon rose as we passed Bickington discussing the finer points of the last episode of Twin Peaks.

We had two climbs of our own: from Steps Bridge towards Moretonhampstead, and from Bovey Tracey to Haytor. Both were new to Martin, and he wasn't impressed, but perhaps the darkness meant he was unable to appreciate their scenic qualities. Caution was needed with the few mad drivers around in the early hours, although the slightly eerie moonlit landscape was more than enough compensation. No glowworms this year, although we saw both a fox and a badger.

Sunday 30 June 1991Day ride: Ten Tors SpecialDamp, then bright and windy
21 present: Christian Bryant, Jenny Bryant, Mike Bryant, Sarah Bryant, Richard Burge, Alan Dawson, Ashley Freeman, Andrew Guy, Dayle Guy, Martin Hills, Dave Humphreys, Matthew Jago, Matthew Jeffery, Michael Jones, Alex Lessware, Sebastian Lessware, Martin Luke, Paul Oakley, Martin Rushworth, Peter Rushworth, Tom Widger
Every year we seem to have trouble with the weather on our Ten Tors event. Once again mist and drizzle shrouded Saddle Tor and Rippon Tor, but things had improved by early afternoon so that we were able to enjoy the spectacular views from Bel Tor, Honeybag Tor, Chinkwell Tor and Mel Tor for the first time!

Regrettably, a few of the older teenagers decided to challenge the Section's unspoken policy on riding across open moorland. We encourage responsible off-road cycling on bridleways, and permit it on certain other tracks or rights of way. Riding on open moorland, however, is never permitted without express permission: members who breach this rule threaten the reputation of all cyclists in the eyes of walkers and landowners. Perhaps all members could try to observe this policy whenever they are riding their cycles, either in or out of the club: it is CTC policy and a part of the Mountain-Bike code.

There was some confusion on Dr Blackalls Drive as some of the mountain bikers took a rougher track to New Bridge and some other members followed them by mistake. Congratulations are due to the following, however, for completing all ten tors this year:

     Matthew Jeffery   Martin Luke
Sebastian LesswareDave Humphreys
Alex LesswareMike Bryant
Tom WidgerJenny Bryant
Martin HillsChristian Bryant
Dayle GuyAndrew Guy
Peter RushworthMichael Jones
Martin RushworthAshley Freeman

Certificates will be presented at the Christmas Lunch ride in December.

Wednesday 3 July 1991
Evening ride (Paignton): Destination UnknownUnknown weather
8 present: Ian Ceely, Gareth Dart (Junior, Devon), Alan Dawson, Bob Minskip (Adult, Devon), Liz Minskip, Robert Minskip, Ken Twydell, Charlie Walker
Report unavailable

Friday 5 July 1991
Evening ride (Buckfastleigh): SpitchwickThundery
9 present: Alan Dawson, Ashley Freeman, Dayle Guy, Martin Hills, Matthew Jeffery, Michael Jones, Chris Platt, David Platt, Martin Rushworth
Michael informed those present that, according to the weather forecast, a thunderstorm was moving towards South Devon from Cornwall, and he advised a cautious route through Landscove which would facilitate a speedy return if the forecast proved correct. Apparently, however, everyone else had decided that Spitchwick was the place to visit in view of the high level of humidity, and they weren't about to be put off the idea by Michael!

Climbing through Hembury Woods the air felt thick, but as we reached Spitchwick everything became quickly dark. Several members were swimming as the first rumbles of thunder became audible.

Michael wasted no time in ordering a retreat, but of course it was too late. The heavens opened, and a spectacular light display chased us all the way home. We had never been cycling in an electrical storm before, especially one with such frightening forks of lightening, and I feel that many members won't want to do it again!

Sunday 7 July 1991Day ride (Hardriders): 80km Reliability RideWet & fairly windy
2 present: Richard Hopper, Toby Hopper
Wimbledon men's singles final, the early start and the weather combined to dampen just about everyone's enthusiasm for the first of the year's reliability rides. When Toby and Richard turned out to give the new tandem its first CTC outing no one else appeared.

The rain looked as though it might hold off for a while as they made their way to Newton Abbot for the pick up, but had become quite steady by the time they got there. A double puncture made them late; the first one was just bad luck, but the second was the result of carelessness - Toby eventually spotted the sliver of glass that Richard missed after the first tube change.

The bad weather and lack of companions made the programmed ride up on to the moor less than inviting, so they took the quickest route back to Buckfastleigh.

Sunday 7 July 1991Afternoon ride (Buckfastleigh): Ramshorn DownRain
3 present: Martin Hills, Michael Jones, Eliot Thomas-Wright
Discretion again seemed the better part of valour as we retreated to Crofters to watch the men's singles tennis final over hot drinks.

Sunday 7 July 1991Afternoon ride (Paignton): CancelledWet
1 present: Ken Twydell
Only Ken turned up - in the bus in view of the appalling weather conditions - so the ride was abandoned.

Wednesday 10 July 1991
Evening ride (Paignton): Destination UnknownUnknown weather
12 present: Ian Ceely, Alan Dawson, Christopher Grimmond, John Horsler, Dave Humphreys, Robert Minskip, Ken Twydell, Julie Twydell-Hobday, Andrew Walker, Charlie Walker, Lorraine Walker, Robert Walker
Report unavailable

Friday 12 July 1991
Evening ride (Buckfastleigh): Woolston GreenDrizzle, then sunshine
4 present: Neil Ault, Alan Dawson, Michael Jones, Andrew Unknown (Junior, Devon)
Those who braved the early drizzle were rewarded with a delightful sunny evening ride through Pridhamsleigh, Landscove and Staverton, which included a sprinkling of tracks just for Alan. After the first one turned out to be rather muddy and steep, he seemed to have lost much of his enthusiasm for tracks!

Sunday 14 July 1991Day ride: Treasure HuntDry
33 present: Neil Ault, Joseph Bellows, Christian Bryant, Tao Burgess, Mark Burnard, David Cutts, Alan Dawson, Luke Hatherly, Martin Hills, Ben Hobday, Karina Hobday, Roxanne Hobday, Richard Hopper, Michael Jones, Alex Lessware, Martin Luke, Paul Oakley, David Robinson, Philip Robinson, Martin Rushworth, Matthew Staccombe, Debbie Twydell, James Twydell, Ken Twydell, Paul Twydell, Julie Twydell-Hobday, Andrew Unknown, Andrew Walker, Charlie Walker, Lorraine Walker, Robert Walker, Tom Widger, Martyn Williams
Richard had just two loops in the course this year, one before lunch and one after lunch. This proved a very satisfactory arrangement, and the clever clues provided plenty of entertainment. Many thanks to Julie for preparing and serving the drinks and cakes, which were very welcome.

Wednesday 17 July 1991Evening ride (Paignton): Destination UnknownUnknown weather
8 present: Ian Ceely, Alan Dawson, Christopher Grimmond, Martin Hills, Dave Humphreys, Ernie Laurence (Adult, Devon), Ken Twydell, Charlie Walker
Report unavailable

Friday 19 July 1991Evening ride (Buckfastleigh): DartingtonDry
10 present: Tao Burgess, Dennis Downing, Julian Duquemin, Stuart Furay (Junior, Buckfastleigh), Martin Hills, Michael Jones, Anthony Morgan, Martin Rushworth, Eliot Thomas-Wright, Joseph Watkins
This evening's route took in some newish lanes in the Rattery and Dartington areas, returning via the Staverton track, Abham and Green Lane.

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