South Dartmoor CTC


Friday 17 December 1993
Social: Pre-Christmas Social
10 present: Neil Ault, Tao Burgess, Michael Jones, Arthur Stevens (16, Buckfastleigh), Ken Twydell, Julie Twydell-Hobday, Andrew Walker, Charlie Walker, Lorraine Walker, Robert Walker
Lorraine had prepared a superb range of home-baked food for us. Charlie showed us his piranha fish and some video scenes from his recent trip to the USA. There was then time for a board game before the evening drew to a close.

Many thanks, Charlie and Lorraine, for all your efforts.

Sunday 19 December 1993Day ride: Christmas LunchWet start, fine later
14 present: Neil Ault, Richard Burge, Tao Burgess, Michael Jones, Sebastian Lessware, Martin Luke, Paul Oakley, Chris Platt, Arthur Stevens, Eliot Thomas-Wright, Andrew Walker, Charlie Walker, Ben Widger, Tom Widger
Some members decided that the weather was just too miserable to contemplate cycling to Ilsington for our annual Christmas Lunch ride, preferring instead to rely on motorised transport.

One of the benefits of choosing Ilsington is that there is a private indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna, used by the health club. Our members were allowed to use the facilities on payment of a modest fee - apparently the money was well spent!

The meal itself was acceptable although not up to home-baking standards. There was a delay after the main course owing to a power failure, but the staff coped well under difficult circumstances.

Paul Oakley received the junior attendance trophy for 1992/93 and several other members received certificates for completing the Ten Tors event in October.

Monday 27 December 1993Morning ride: LittlehempstonFrosty & bright
8 present: Richard Burge, Michael Jones, Alex Lessware, Sebastian Lessware, Arthur Stevens, Tom Widger, Bob Williams (Adult, Devon), Paul Williams II
This weather was perfect for this special Boxing Day morning ride. The route was straightforward, taking us along the riverside path at Staverton and homeward through Broadhempston.

Wednesday 29 December 1993Social: Christmas Social
12 present: Neil Ault, Richard Burge, Julian Duquemin, Michael Jones, Alex Lessware, Sebastian Lessware, Paul Oakley, Chris Platt, Arthur Stevens, Eliot Thomas-Wright, Ben Widger, Tom Widger
Risk, hot vegetarian mince pies, computer games and some video presentations made this a thoroughly enjoyable social to conclude the Christmas festivities.

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