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Friday 2 September 2005
Evening ride: HolneWarm and sunny
3 present: Michael Jones, Keir Purdie, Joe Venables
This evening's ride took us up the lower Hembury track to Holne and then home via Hembury Woods.

Sunday 4 September 2005Day ride: CancelledVery wet
0 present:
Today's ride was cancelled owing to bad weather.

Friday 9 September 2005
Evening ride: Converted to SocialRain
3 present: Michael Jones, Keir Purdie, Joe Venables
Heavy rain meant that this evening's ride was converted to a social at Crofters.

Sunday 11 September 2005Morning ride: Cancelled
0 present:
Today's ride was cancelled owing to poor attendance.

Friday 16 September 2005
Evening ride: Cross FurzesCool but dry
4 present: Michael Jones, Oliver Lindley, Keir Purdie, Joe Venables
Riding through Buckfast there were conflicting ideas about where we should go, but after some extended debate we decided on the climb to Cross Furzes with a view to riding the track to Chalk Ford. Michael assured everyone that it would be way too dark for a track by the time we reached the top, so it was not surprising that enthusiasm for the track dwindled with the light. In the end we took the steep lane descent to Coombe which proved highly entertaining in the darkness.

The cold night air was getting to Keir by the time we reached the bottom, so Michael loaned him his fleece for the final section of the ride home via Hawson Court.

Sunday 18 September 2005Morning ride: Cancelled
0 present:
Today's ride was cancelled owing to poor attendance.

Friday 23 September 2005
Evening ride: StavertonDry
3 present: Michael Jones, Keir Purdie, Joe Venables
Our penultimate evening ride started with the climb up Green Lane and the subsequent track down towards Abham. At Staverton we took the loop along the riverside track and back along the road, then as darkness fell we rode up to Huxham's Cross and down the newly made cycle path to the Steiner school. The final part of the journey along Colston road was made more eventful by the failure of various front lights, but Joe helped us along with his hand-held torch.

Sunday 25 September 2005
Morning ride: Fermoys (19 mi)Warm and sunny
3 present: Michael Jones, Ben Parker, Gavin Pearson
On a bright sunny morning we rode through Caddaford and Staverton to Ipplepen where we called into Fermoys restaurant for an early lunch. A newly-erected fence cut off our usual short-cut into the car park. We returned via Broadhempston at a good pace, Ben being very pleased with his performance on his first ride for twelve months.

Friday 30 September 2005
Evening ride: HolneDrizzle
5 present: Michael Jones, George Presland, Kevin Presland, Keir Purdie, Joe Venables
We were joined by Kevin and son George for our final evening ride of the season. Strangely, the light drizzle seemed to add to the enjoyment this evening, keeping everyone cool along our route through Buckfast to Scoriton and Michelcombe. Joe was keen to ride the Hembury Woods slalom even through it was totally dark and somewhat muddy: the track certainly proved challenging and provided plenty of fun, although there was a short delay when Michael's light battery jumped off his bike and landed in the undergrowth!

Sunday 2 October 2005
Morning ride: Avon Dam (13 mi)Dry with sunny spells
6 present: Donald Comer-Calder (8, Buckfastleigh), Nick Comer-Calder (Adult, Buckfastleigh), Henry Gunter, Jill Hockmuth, Michael Jones, Ben Parker
Henry Gunter and Donald Comer-Calder on the private road to the Avon Dam
Nick, Donald and Henry by the river Avon
Nick and Donald by the Avon reservoir
Ben Parker
Arriving at Water Oak Corner. on the Abbots Way
Ben, Henry, Donald, Nick and Jill by the Avon reservoir
Water Oak Corner, on the Abbots Way
New 8-year-old Donald performed incredibly well on an ambitious first ride to the Avon Dam, ably accompanied by his father. An unfortunate incident with a farm dog near Nurston did not put him off at all and we were soon pushing our way through the many visitors walking up the path from Shipley Bridge. We paused briefly by the river so that the youngsters (including Henry who hasn't been out for a few months) could eat a little nourishment, then we pressed on to the dam itself, today almost overflowing after the recent rains.

Once the final climb of the Abbots Way had been completed, everyone enjoyed the spectacular views to the coast and the long descent to Cross Furzes.

Friday 7 October 2005
Social: Annual General Meeting
4 present: Michael Jones, Ben Parker, Keir Purdie, Joe Venables
Several important decisions were taken at this year's AGM. Michael continues as Section Secretary, with Joe elected as Section Delegate. Keir will be Publicity Officer and will be targeting cycle shops, local poster locations and local newspapers with as much publicity material as he can manage. Additionally Keir will be working with all regular Section members to recruit by word of mouth, and both Joe and Keir will be in charge of making new members welcome on rides. There will be a Christmas Lunch ride this year that will be open to all members past and present.

The social programme will be based at Crofters but will include trips out for cinema, bowling, badminton or swimming from time to time, usually arranged a week beforehand - check the online activities list a few days before each social to see whether a special event is planned. There will be a junior introductory tour over the Easter bank holiday weekend in 2006 to the Somerset Levels and the Quantocks, which we hope will appeal to many of our riders, and hopefully a longer tour to Scotland over the summer holidays averaging 35-40mpd. There will also be youth hostel weekends to Salcombe and Bellever over the summer, and our Ten Tors event with certificates in June or July. Regular club members will be encouraged to contribute ride reports whenever they would like to do so.

Sunday 9 October 2005
Morning ride: Holne (13 mi)Dry
5 present: Donald Comer-Calder, Nick Comer-Calder, Michael Jones, Keir Purdie, Joe Venables
This strange construction appeared on Keir's bike somewhere in the woods
Gavin, Keir, Nick, Joe and Donald on the lower Hembury track
River Dart Country Park
Nick and Donald had to be home by 1pm so we planned a shorter ride that took us along the lower Hembury track and up to Holne Play Park, where the inevitable Frisbee contests were held in the long, wet grass. For the return route we headed down the track to River Dart Adventures - an exciting experience for our youngest member Donald who showed just how strong a rider he is.

Friday 14 October 2005
Social: Crofters Social
3 present: Michael Jones, Keir Purdie, Joe Venables
Several multi-player network games provided the entertainment for this evening's social.

Sunday 16 October 2005
Morning ride: Staverton (12 mi)Dry start, rain later
6 present: Donald Comer-Calder, Kane Edwards, Osian Jarvis (11, Buckfastleigh), Michael Jones, Gavin Pearson, Keir Purdie
The forecast was for rain but as we set out from the start the sky was just cloudy. We nearly got to Dartington before the rain set in, but when the youngsters were given a choice about heading back or going on to complete the loop, everyone wanted to go on!

There were short breaks in the rain, but it was tipping down for the return journey through the lanes from Staverton and some of the youngsters may have been wondering why they voted to go on! Everyone did well, including new rider Osian, and the afternoon social at Crofters helped to make up for what had turned out to be a very wet morning of cycling.

Friday 21 October 2005
Social: Crofters Social
2 present: Michael Jones, Joe Venables
An evening of frantic computer gaming kept us very well entertained.

Sunday 23 October 2005
Morning ride: River Dart Country Park (13 mi)Mainly dry
6 present: Donald Comer-Calder, Nick Comer-Calder, Josh Ham, Michael Jones, Joe Venables, Megan Venables
This morning's ride took us along the old Ashburton road, then through Ashburton and Rew to the woodland track that follows the river Ashburn back towards Ashburton. The main path provided plenty of fun for everyone, but when we took up Joe's suggestion of crossing the lane and continuing along the field, Nick was not quite so amused: thick mud hampered our progress over the style half-way along and clogged everyone's brakes by the time we reached the road!

To finish the ride on a dryer note we rode through River Dart Adventures and on through Holne Woods, following the woodland path up towards Gallant Le Bower. From there the Slalom track through Hembury proved irresistible. Nick and Donald were both impressed with the track, although Nick's stated aim of staying close behind his son proved difficult to make a reality!

Friday 28 October 2005
Social: Crofters Social
4 present: Michael Jones, Gavin Pearson, Keir Purdie, Joe Venables
Keir was delayed by the A38 road works so our planned badminton game was replaced with a games social at Crofters.

Sunday 30 October 2005
Morning ride: Totnes (16 mi)Dry with sunny spells
5 present: Kane Edwards, Josh Ham, Michael Jones, Gavin Pearson, Joe Venables
Totnes weir in full flood
Josh, Kane, Joe and Gavin at the Cider Press Centre, Dartington
Totnes weir
Heavy overnight rain gave way to a blustery but dry morning just in time for the start of our ride. We rode along Colston Road and on to the Cider Press Centre at Dartington where we settled into Cranks vegetarian restaurant for a range of scones and fruit juice concoctions. The riverside cycle path gave us excellent views of the swollen river Dart, culminating in the weir which had been transformed into a raging torrent.

Kane was beginning to struggle as we climbed the hill towards Rattery, but he splashed bravely onwards through the lakes that straddled the lanes, bringing us home by 1.45 for an afternoon social at Crofters.

Friday 4 November 2005
Morning ride: Converted to SocialMainly wet
2 present: Michael Jones, Keir Purdie
The bad weather this morning persuaded us to arrange a social in place of the advertised ride.

Friday 11 November 2005
Social: Crofters Social
5 present: Kane Edwards, Osian Jarvis, Michael Jones, Keir Purdie, Joe Venables
Another evening of computer games kept everyone very happy.

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