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Friday 23 November 2007
Social: Ten-pin Bowling
4 present: Ash Freeman, Reuben Johnson, Michael Jones, Zac McGrath
With the Plympton bowling centre now closed and Torquay fully booked we were obliged to go to Plymouth's Mega bowl for this evening's social. We seemed to get a few more fowls than we felt we deserved, but otherwise we had two very enjoyable games of bowling.

Sunday 25 November 2007Day ride: CancelledDry
0 present:
Despite very reasonable weather there were no takers for today's day ride to Hamel Down.

Friday 30 November 2007
Social: Games Evening
4 present: Olly Acland, Sam Acland, Ash Freeman, Michael Jones
The usual range of computer games provided plenty of entertainment this evening.

Sunday 2 December 2007
Afternoon ride: BroadhempstonBreezy with sunner intervals & showers
8 present: Charles Acland, Heidi Acland, Olly Acland, Sam Acland, Andrew Banks (II) (12, Saltash), Harry Blackman, Donald Comer-Calder, Michael Jones
Andrew Banks, today's new rider at Broadhempston
The group at Broadhempston playpark
The flood on the way home via Landscove
We took the short route to Broadhempston in breezy but pleasant conditions, splashing through numerous large puddles and streams along the way. We then spent a little time in the park playing Frisbee and eating chocolate.

For the return route we diverted via Landscove, but we had just crossed a flooded section of road when a particularly heavy shower drenched everyone before the final climb to Green Lane.

Congratulations to Harry Blackman, out today for his first proper club ride.

Friday 7 December 2007
Social: Badminton
4 present: Ash Freeman, Michael Jones, Zac McGrath, Freddie Tyler
Torbay leisure centre was once again the only centre with free courts tonight, so we made the trip to Paignton and played numerous doubles games and a few short singles matches on a single court. Michael's challenge to the youngsters of finding their way through the maze of interconnected changing rooms fell rather flat when some of the connecting doors turned out to be locked.

Sunday 9 December 2007
Day ride: Endsleigh Garden CentreHeavy showers all day; windy
8 present: Charles Acland, Heidi Acland, Olly Acland, Sam Acland, Andrew Banks (II), Ash Freeman, Michael Jones, Zac McGrath
The weather was not at all pleasant this morning, so after a few phone calls and a general discussion at the start we agreed to run a morning social at Crofters and then make a car-assisted trip to Endsleigh at around lunchtime.

Well of course trying to arrange lunch at Endsleigh at this particular time of year was probably not the most sensible decision: the centre was packed with Christmas shoppers and the queue for the restaurant extended right out into the shop floor. We quickly abandoned any idea of lunch and contented ourselves with a browse around the pet store and other areas before heading back for an afternoon games social at Crofters.

Friday 14 December 2007
Social: Film Night
2 present: Ash Freeman, Michael Jones
A selection of games and videos kept he entertained on our pre-Christmas film night.

Sunday 16 December 2007
Day ride: Christmas Lunch, IlsingtonDry
8 present: Charles Acland, Heidi Acland, Olly Acland, Sam Acland, Andrew Banks (II), Ash Freeman, Michael Jones, Zac McGrath
Christmas Lunch at the Ilsington hotel
Ashley Freeman at the Christmas Lunch
There was a reasonable attendance for our Christmas Lunch ride to the Ilsington hotel, although there were many other current and older members who would have been very welcome to attend. Michael, Ashley, Andrew and Zac rode from Buckfastleigh, but the Aclands had to leave later and drove to meet us at Bickington. Sam joined us for the final climb to the hotel, and by 12.25 we were all enjoying the pool and sauna facilities.

The meal was excellent as usual, and whilst Michael had not managed to work out the junior attendance winner he was able to award the Devon DA trophy to the section for attending the most youth hostels during the year.

All except Charles and Heidi rode back to Buckfastleigh along the lane from Birchanger to Halshanger and on to Ashburton. Making a good speed were able to reach Buckfastleigh before dark.

Friday 21 December 2007Social: Cinema Trip, Golden Compass
2 present: Ash Freeman, Michael Jones
Two of us enjoyed a trip to Vue cinemas, Plymouth, to see one of the big Christmas movies, the Golden Compass.

Sunday 23 December 2007
Morning ride: TotnesSunny but cold
5 present: Olly Acland, Michael "Wolfie" Bulmer, Michael Jones, Jordan Knight, Freddie Tyler
The group near Hole Farm
Our pre-Christmas ride to Totnes didn't turn out exactly as planned despite some very pleasant weather. First, Wolfie started to feel ill along Colston Road and needed a few rests to settle his stomach. Then Jordan got a puncture in the club bike near Riverford Bridge, causing a further delay. Since Wolfie was still feeling unwell we reluctantly decided to give Totnes a miss and headed back via Charlie's Cross - only to be hit by another puncture, this time in Michael's rear tyre.

The youngsters helped themselves to their Christmas chocolate treats from Michael's pannier (Toblerones) while he fixed the puncture, then we headed by along the track past Hole Farm and on through Caddaford to Buckfastleigh. Suddenly Wolfie was feeling much better, but it was too late for the cafes on this occasion.

Friday 28 December 2007
Social: Christmas Social
7 present: Michael "Wolfie" Bulmer, Ash Freeman, Michael Jones, Sean Kiely (13, Devon), Callum Stuart, John Stuart, Freddie Tyler
We were pleased to welcome John and Callum at our Christmas social, giving us a chance to catch up with the latest news from Cheltenham. Various computer games, and of course free mince pies, kept everyone happy throughout the evening.

Sunday 30 December 2007
Day ride (Car-assisted): Plym Valley CyclewayCloudy but dry
4 present: Andrew Banks (II), Michael "Wolfie" Bulmer, Michael Jones, Freddie Tyler
Andrew & Freddie on one of the viaducts
Andrew Banks at the entrance to the Plym Valley tunnel, taken on the way back
Freddie Tyler & Andrew Banks on one of the viaducts
With many of our members away for Christmas it seemed that only Andrew from Plymouth was up for today's ride. Michael met him at the start of the Plym Valley cycleway at Plympton and they rode with good speed all the way to the end of the path at Clearbrook.

During the past year or so most of the path has been given the tarmac treatment so that it now resembles a country lane. This "improvement" seems to have removed much of the character of the route, but it was nevertheless and enjoyable ride. The newly opened section of the path near Bickleigh was definitely welcome, however, obviating the need to use roads at any point on the route.

From Clearbrook we rode the short distance to Meavy in the hope of refreshments outside the village inn, but unfortunately it has changed hands since Michael last visited, offering only a very expensive luncheon menu on Sundays.

Andrew was keen to have a meal out, so we headed back to Clearbrook with all speed. Whilst retracing our route back to Plympton along the cycle path we met Freddie and his family heading the other way. Freddie quickly jumped ships and joined our gang back to Plympton, from where we took the car to Pizza Hut at Plymouth for a very tasty pizza meal with Andrew's Mum.

The conclusion of the day's activities was a games social at Crofters, where Wolfie joined Freddie and Michael for some entertaining computer games.

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