South Dartmoor CTC


Friday 29 November 2013Social: Games and music quiz
5 present: Lawrence Buttress, Ash Freeman, Michael Jones, Callum O'Brien, Will Rogers
We started the evening with CoD Ghosts on the PC network and finished with a movie quiz where teams had to identify the movie from a single picture taken from an action sequence.

Sunday 1 December 2013
Morning ride: Buckfast (4 mi)Dry but very cold (6°C)
4 present: Lawrence Buttress, Ash Freeman, Michael Jones, Callum O'Brien
Callum and Lawrence in Hillah Wood
Our members were not well prepared for the weather today - Callum only had fingerless gloves and Lawrence had no gloves at all! We set off with the intention of going to Holne, but by the time we reached Hockmoor Head both lads had convinced themselves that they would never warm up despite Michael's assurances to the contrary. Well actually Lawrence was almost convinced, but he tactfully kept that view to himself until we had started homewards.

On the way home we rode the track through Hillah Wood that comes out on the Hapstead rode. We then drove to Ashmoor leisure for a session of badminton where Ash, who was late again, met us at 12.30.

Friday 6 December 2013Social: Games Evening
4 present: Lawrence Buttress, Ash Freeman, Michael Jones, Callum O'Brien
We had a lot of fun tonight playing multiplayer games of CoD Ghosts.

Sunday 8 December 2013
Morning ride: Holne (10 mi)Dry with sunny spells
4 present: Lawrence Buttress, Ash Freeman, Michael Jones, Jack Parnell
Riding the track to Hembury fort
Jack and Lawrence at Michelcombe
Jack was not up to his usual speed today so it was just before 12.00 that we finally arrived at the Holne café after riding up via Buckfast, Scoriton and Michelcombe. Ash was late again and met us at the café, just in time to have a drink before we set off.

Next stop was Hembury where the autumn leaves looked magnificent. We had fun riding the moat and the slalom before getting home by around 1.50.

Friday 13 December 2013Social: Games evening
5 present: Lawrence Buttress, Ash Freeman, Michael Jones, Callum O'Brien, Jack Parnell
This turned out to be an excellent evening, starting with CoD Ghosts and moving on to a music quiz that covered many different time periods.

Sunday 15 December 2013Morning ride: CancelledRain
1 present: Michael Jones
Nobody turned up for today's ride, which was not really surprising considering the torrential rain.

Friday 20 December 2013Social: Games evening
3 present: Ash Freeman, Michael Jones, Callum O'Brien
Ash arrived late this evening but we enjoyed a good mix of computer games and music quizzes.

Sunday 22 December 2013
Day ride: Christmas LunchSunny but cold (7°C)
4 present: Lawrence Buttress, Ash Freeman, Michael Jones, Callum O'Brien
Christmas Lunch at the Ilsington Country Hotel
Lawrence woke up with a cold and told us he didn't want to cycle today. There were only four of us booked, conditions were cold and the forecast was for heavy showers all day, so it seemed we had no choice but to travel to the hotel by car this year.

We played some computer games, then set off for the Ilsington Country Hotel at 11.45. When we arrived we spent the first hour enjoying the private indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. This was a lot of fun, although we had to share the pool with a woman who kept insisting that we stay out of "her side" of the pool at all times so she could swim up and down without distraction. It didn’t' seem to matter if we were at opposite ends of the pool, just the thought of us contaminating her lane was too much to bear.

Our meal was delicious as usual. Ash and Lawrence had a pear starter, Callum and Michael had parsnip soup. All except Michael had turkey, and the desserts were definitely interesting. Everyone seemed keen to take part in our forthcoming Easter tour.

We headed home at 3.30, but an accident on the A38 near Ashburton delayed us getting home until 4.20. Despite the bad forecast there wasn't any real rain today until 4pm.

Friday 27 December 2013
Social: Christmas Special
4 present: Ash Freeman, Michael Jones, Callum O'Brien, John Stuart
John Stuart, one of our original members, joined us for this evening's social with his son Callum. Many stories were told of club cycling adventures from years gone by. Prominent among them was the story of a 1980s Scotland tour. We spent a night at Achininver hostel, a very small building with only an outside toilet. John needed to answer a call of nature during the night, so crept very quietly down the wooden stairs so as not to wake anyone and carefully left the hostel door slightly ajar. Unfortunately when he returned the door had latched itself shut. The prospect of being locked outside all night in this remote location left him panic-stricken, evident from the ferocity with which he hammered on the door and woke the whole hostel. He was indeed grateful when Michael finally let him in, but then while feeling his way back through the dark dorm ahead of Michael he misjudged the distance and got into Michael's bed! It was a mistake he quickly regretted as Michael is never at his best when woken in the middle of the night!

We finished the evening with some games of CoD Ghosts.

Sunday 29 December 2013
Morning ride: Avonwick (14 mi)Sunny but very cold
4 present: Ash Freeman, Michael Jones, Callum O'Brien, Alastair Shapland
Alistair, Ash and Callum near Pennywell Farm, Rattery
Alistair arrived early to tell Michael that the road was icy this morning. Evidently he forgot this warning as we set off down the road: Callum was coming up the road as we were going down, Michael was looking straight at him trying to work out if it was him, hit an invisible icy patch and promptly hit the road. Alistair found the whole thing very amusing. Ash turned up at 10.30 just in time to miss the action, although he had found some icy patches on his way down in the car that had given him a couple of near misses.

We had planned to ride to Fermoys at Ipplepen today, but in view of the icy conditions we thought a change of route to Dean Hill might be safer. This proved to be ice-free so we rode to South Brent, bought some refreshments from the co-op and then rode along the Avon river from Avonwick. It really was a fabulous morning now.

Ash had his new Specialized road bike today, a much-anticipated Christmas present, so we kept to roads for today's ride. We took the short-cut past Diptford Downs and returned via Rattery and Pennywell by 1.20.

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