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Sunday 31 January 1988
Day ride: Lukesland
Sunny start
7 Participants: Richard Hopper, Simon Hopper, Gary Johnson, Glen Johnson, Michael Jones, Mark Moxham, John Stuart
It would not be honest to try to pretend that we were not influenced by the weather forecast which predicted torrential rain by mid-afternoon. On arrival at Avonwick we decided to abandon Lukesland (well, he wasn't out anyway) and head for the snow-strewn moors via Aish and Shipley. And that proved to be an excellent decision.

Everything seemed to be perfect on that morning. We stopped on several delightful little bridges along the way, just soaking up the freshness of the moorland brooks as they wended their way between the trees and boulders. Eventually we came to the Avon Dam itself, brimming over with icy cold water and set against a backdrop of snow-covered hills. The sounds of children and an excited dog on the other side of the dam made us feel for all the world as though we were in the Swiss alps!

Of course, there was only one return route that would satisfy everyone's excitement, and so we made our way back behind the dam and over our friendly moorland hills to rejoin the road at Cross Furzes. There was plenty of action along the way, with several people slipping on the snowy slopes, but a grassy foundation ensured that no-one was injured.

We arrived home shortly after 3.30: the rain began at 3.40. And so it was that a perfect day was concluded in a perfect way in a cosy room at Buckfastleigh.
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