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Sunday 24 April 1988
Day ride: Dartmeet
8 Participants: Richard Burge, Steven Hills, Gary Johnson, Glen Johnson, Michael Jones, Mark Morris, Mark Moxham, Malcolm Sheldon
An enthusiastic climb past Hawson Court and Scorriton brought us eventually to Saddle Bridge on the moor. Here we left the bikes and walked along the footpath to the stepping stones at Week Ford, enjoying lunch amidst perfect surroundings.

When the inevitable water fights had been concluded there was time for a brief exploration of the nearby blowing houses, remnants of an age when tin mining was a thriving industry on Dartmoor. Amidst the other structures one can see the tin moulds and mortars which were used to pulverise the ore.

Returning to the bikes (some with wet feet) we continued towards the Dartmeet cafe, pausing only at Huccaby Bridge for more water games (well, it was fairly warm today). It was at the top of Dartmeet hill that we met Stan and Jeremy Ford and family.

They were out in the Land Rover, and slightly envious when they saw us on our bikes. One can understand, then, why they were so disgusted when five eighths of our lively youngsters chose the road to Spitchwick instead of the magnificent "Dr. Blackall's Drive" track with its breathtaking views across the River Dart in the woods far below!

Eventually we all arrived, this time having time to watch Mark and Gary enjoy a swim. I think they found the waters somewhat icy, however, as only Mark managed to swim to the other side on this occasion.
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