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Friday 6 May 1988
Evening ride: Landscove
Full sunshine
18 Participants: Marcus Allen (13, Buckfastleigh), Simon Barnes, Graham Burge, Richard Burge, Jeremy Ford, Ashley Freeman (11, Ashburton), Paul Hamlyn-White, Richard Hopper, Simon Hopper, Toby Hopper, Gary Johnson, Michael Jones, Rohan Kilty, James Miller, Jason Morris, Mark Morris, Luke Rake, Andrew Simmons
A record turnout caused record confusion at Pridhamsleigñh when a number of individuals sped past the turn-off. After re-grouping had taken place we discovered a rare treat in the form of the track to Bulland Farm - a new one for most of us. Bathed in rich evening sunshine and surrounded by lush meadows the track climbed gently around the sweeping contours of the hill, offering new views of Buckfast and Buckfastleigh as it proceeded. It all proved too much for Luke, who broke out in a rash of 'photogenia' - aided by his wonderful new camera of course.

Everyone was now in the mood for off-road riding. The next track started conveniently from where the first one finished, leading us eventually to Parkfield Cross. I say eventually because we came across a fork in the track which left members in a dilemma: the left turning was the recommended route to Parkfield; the right turn dropped steeply and (we had been advised) became very muddy at the bottom. About half the group wanted the mud, including Luke ... it was rather amusing to see him racing back along ñthe left route a few minutes later.

Re-grouping at Parkfield was delayed somewhat by Jason's puncture (nothing whatsoever to do with his taking the muddy route of course). It was then only a short time before Jason caused a further delay, coming off spectacularly on the steep, right-hand bend near Lower Lake Farm and landing squarely in a clump of nettles. Poor Jason! His back was covered in stings, and people couldn't help but remind him that he had been a bit rash during the descent.

When Jason had been rubbed down by his friends we began the journey homewards through Landscove. And here the sunset was breathtaking, with the most perfect mix of colours set amidst fascinating cloud formations. Everyone noticed the spectacle, even youngsters Toby and Simon.

But now the ride was coming to an end. Jamie (sorry, James) needed a Mars bar to get him up the last hill, but everyone made it, and everyone was reluctant to go home after this very special occasion.
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