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Sunday 25 September 1988
Day ride: Plym Valley
7 Participants: Richard Burge, Steven Hills, Richard Hopper, Simon Hopper, Michael Jones, Mark Moxham, Eugene Tollemache
The most amazing thing about this excellent ride was that young Eugene managed to complete it at all. He turned up unexpectedly at the Totnes start and completed the ride without assistance - one of our toughest rides of the year.

Progress to Plympton was somewhat slow, with a headwind and occasional spells of drizzle. Things quickly improved once we were on the cycle track, however, and we were soon tucking into our packed lunches at our usual lunch spot.

The viaducts and woods offered plenty of variety along the way, but it was the tunnel beyond Bickleigh that really caused havoc. Everyone enjoyed it, but it was definitely more fun for those without lights.

After a series of steep climbs to Burrator reservoir we began the long ascent to Princetown. We couldn't help noticing what appeared to be authorised Sheep Crossings along the route, each consisting of some metal ridges across the road resembling a cattle grid or pedestrian crossing. In the place where one might have expected to find flashing lights there were warning signs with pictures of sheep in the triangles. They really had us baffled, and we had to wait until we were enjoying our refreshments in the Fox Tor Cafe before we discovered the correct explanation. Yes, they were sheep crossings. The signs had been placed where the sheep had been observed as most likely to cross, and the ridges were to slow cars down at the most dangerous crossing points. Simple really.

After a long rest in the cafe we made our fastest ever return to Buckfastleigh, blown along by a powerful tailwind all the way.
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