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Wednesday 28 September 1988
Social: Annual General Meeting

8 Participants: Richard Burge, Dayle Guy, Paul Hamlyn-White, Luke Hatherly, Michael Jones, Mark Lakeman, Paul Lakeman, Jeremy Weston
[There were 27 members present this evening but I am still trying to find the complete list]

It really was rewarding to see so many members and parents attending our AGM this year. In fact they weren't just attending, but also volunteering to help with the running of the club and taking an active part in the discussions. The new Committee are listed on the front page of the newsletter, but the following were elected as publicity reps:

Totnes town and school - Luke Hatherly
South Brent - Jeremy Weston
Buckfastleigh - Paul Hamlyn-White
Ashburton & Newton Abbot - Richard Burge
South Dartmoor School - Dayle Guy
Paignton and Torquay - Mark Lakeman

So what important decisions were made at the meeting? There will be weekly evening rides from Marldon starting next April, following the same format as the very successful Buckfastleigh rides. And evening rides at Buckfastleigh will always be on Fridays next year instead of alternating between Tuesdays and Fridays. Surplus funds will be used to purchase books and catalogues on cycling which will be available for loan to members. And the Section newsletter has been expanded to include reports on previous Section activities - as you can see. The Committee intend to publish a compilation of Section activities from January to June 1988 in a special booklet, priced at about 60p and available on request.

Finally, members are invited to think up designs for a logo for some new cycle clothing and badges which will be offered to members later in the year. The logo should be obviously South Dartmoor Section and obviously cycling, and it may be as simple or complex as you like. A design from several years ago showed some cyclists on Postbridge clapper bridge, so that's what you've got to beat. Please send in your ideas as soon as possible, for judging by the Section Committee near Christmas.
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