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Sunday 19 May 2019
10:15 - 13:30
Morning ride: Landscove
Dry and warm with sunny spells
7 miles (▲ 190m ▼ 190m)
3 Participants: Dillan Edwards, Michael Jones, John Rogers
While riding out of town we met John by Church Steps, walking his dogs. We had advertised today’s ride as Dartmeet, and the thought of that big hill had put him off coming. Once he found out we were now only going to Landscove he was much more enthusiastic, so we walked back to his home with him, gave him time to get ready and then set off at 11am for Green Lane.

We had a very nice coffee and cake each in the garden of Hill House Nursery, then set off for home at 12.15 as John needed to go to Exeter in search of a new car. This time he’s getting a Volvo, which pleased Michael no end.
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