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Sunday 15 June 1986
Day ride (With Torbay CTC): Blackingstone Rock
12 Participants: David Bitner, Richard Burge, Richard Hopper, Steve Hughes, Brett Jamieson, Michael Jones, Simon Lewis, Philip Mills, Martin Olney, Luke Rake, Andrew Simmons, John Stuart
Our ride to Blackingstone Rock for the DA meet-up involved passing perilously close to Lustleigh, the location of our favourite café. Several of the younger boys, who were ahead of the main group, had smelt the strawberry gateau and found their way to the café before anyone had chance to tell them there wasn’t time to stop. Michael was elected to perform the unenviable task of dragging them away from the doorway – the combination of their dismayed faces and the heavenly smell almost cracked him, but not quite.

The route to the Rock involved the steep climb towards Pepperdon (which conveniently boasted a cool freshwater spring at the half-way point) and a hair-raising encounter with a mad tractor driver. Everyone was rewarded at the top, however, as the weather was perfect and the views magnificent.

Musings about lazing on the rock until sunset eventually gave way to realism. We bade farewell to the Exeter group and set off for the nearest water-hole, which unfortunately for Geoff Troupe turned out to be the ford at North Bovey. Geoff, who lives at Bovey Tracey, had been thinking about joining the club for several months, but today he was enjoying a peaceful afternoon by the river. No doubt he was mildly amused at the sight of numerous fully-clothed cyclists splashing around in the river, but he must have been thinking of St Trinians when we first arrived on the scene!

After all that excitement a Widecombe cream tea seemed to be the order of the day, giving Luke the opportunity to celebrate his fourteenth birthday in style.
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