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Sunday 8 March 1987
Day ride: Blackpool Sands
14 Participants: Colin Brierly, Richard Burge, Paul Deslandes, Marc Dolley, Philip Humphreys, John Iles, Gary Johnson, Michael Jones, Warren Masters, Mark Morris, Mark Moxham, Luke Rake, Andrew Simmons, Mark Williams
Rectification of defective wiring led to a belated departure from Buckfastleigh, but those waiting at Totnes were used to taking our 10.45 pick-ups with a (large) pinch of salt, and were not unduly worried by the delay. We ambled through Tuckenhay, with its imposing old factory dominating the village, and having joined the main Dartmouth road at Forces Cross, followed it as far as Hemborough Post, where we took the lanes once more for the last few miles to the coast.

On arrival there was no sign of tower or trams, just a few cold looking cyclists - the hostellers - who got even colder waiting while the day riders ate their lunches. A brief nterlude was provided by a sprightly gentleman who astounded us all by not only going into the sea but actually staying there for a good ten minutes! The most comical aspect to the event was the sight of Mark Moxham watching the gentleman with the sure conviction that he was watching Colin Brierly: 'I never knew Colin had so much stamina!' he was heard to say, before Andrew pointed out that Colin was in fact behind a nearby tree, reading his paper!

Once comestibles had been consumed, we re-mounted for the fairly short run back to Forces Cross, passing the splendid ruin of Oldstone Manor on the way.

The merry throng adjourned to the Pine Lodge cafe, where "the Headmistress" dispensed tea, cakes and good cheer (and discipline to the younger, more unruly element). The final leg of the homeward journey included the descent of 'corkey', though one of the 'mountaineers' disappointed all by opting for the road instead. Mind you, he was probably thinking of the ribbing he'd have received had he fallen off, which he almost certainly would have done.
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