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Tuesday 18 February 1986
Social: Maintenance Quiz

10 Participants: Richard Burge, Steve Hughes, Mark Hunt, Michael Jones, Paul Palmer, Luke Rake, Andrew Simmons, Jane Simmons, Suzie Simmons, Paul Willard
The most memorable part of this evening had nothing to do with bicycles: a table leg, accidentally separated from its table by some overactive young boys who shall remain nameless. Results of the ‘test’, however, did show a marked improvement since the beginning of the social season – and a complete repair was subsequently effected to the table.
Sunday 23 February 1986
Day ride (With Torbay CTC): Hunters' Path
Cold with lying snow
2 Participants: Gabrielle Bourn, Michael Jones
Once again overnight snow had left side-roads treacherous and the journey to Bovey Tracey against a bitter easterly wind was far from enjoyable. Gabrielle and Michael, being the only South Dartmoor representatives, enjoyed a fireside coffee at Brookside Tearooms before turning for home, but three of the Torbay members continued into the depths of the moor.
Sunday 2 March 1986
Afternoon ride: Littlehempston
13 Participants: Gabrielle Bourn, Richard Burge, Phiip Drew (10, Dawlish), Richard Hopper (Adult, Buckfastleigh), Mark Hunt, Michael Jones, Simon Lewis (10, Dawlish), Warren Masters (11, Dawlish), Paul Palmer, Luke Rake, Andrew Simmons, Mary Willard, Paul Willard
Three young Dawlish lads were ferried to Buckfastleigh by car for the first ride in March as part of their Easter Tour training programme. They coped reasonably well with the scenic lane route through Totnes and Staverton but were exhausted by the end of the day, due mainly to the frequent snowball fights that arose at every drift.
Tuesday 4 March 1986
Social: Games Evening

10 Participants: Richard Burge, Steve Hughes, Michael Jones, Paul Palmer, Luke Rake, Andrew Simmons, Di Simmons, Roger Simmons, Mary Willard, Paul Willard
Roger, Di and Paul learned the rules of backgammon during this entertaining and enjoyable evening.
Sunday 9 March 1986
Day ride (With Torbay CTC): Topsham Bridge
9 Participants: Richard Burge, Richard Hopper, Steve Hughes, Michael Jones, Paul Palmer, Luke Rake, Vicky Sanders (Adult, Totnes), Andrew Simmons, Simon Whale
Steve Hughes, who started the day with a cold, almost turned for home a few miles out of Totnes. The pace eased a little towards California Cross, however, and by lunchtime he was feeling a good deal better.

The scenic railway route from South Brent to Kingsbridge, which passes close to Topsham Bridge, provided an interesting feature for exploration after lunch, particularly in view of the recently-announced proposal to reopen the line.

The track to Moreleigh Mount, whilst undoubtedly adding variety to the ride, proved unpopular with those who had spent the evening cleaning their bikes. The leaders therefore arranged tea at Forces Cross by way of an apology, although the unsettled atmosphere continued with numerous water fights involving Mark Moxham and Luke.
Sunday 16 March 1986
Day ride (With Torbay CTC): Mamhead Obelisk
11 Participants: Gabrielle Bourn, Richard Burge, Phiip Drew, Brett Jamieson, Michael Jones, Simon Lewis, Warren Masters, Luke Rake, Vicky Sanders, Andrew Simmons, Simon Whale
Early morning showers and Vicky’s puncture delayed the group’s arrival at the Gappah pick-up by nearly thirty minutes. Fortunately (from our point of view) young Simon Lewis from Dawlish had arrived at Gappah with a broken derailleur, so the Torbay group had not exactly been idle.

As is so often the case the day started exactly as it intended to continue in all respects other than the weather. Following a delightful lunch at the Obelisk one of the Dawlish lads suggested an interesting track route through the forest. This in itself yielded only one puncture, but four of the boys decided to go round again while repairs were effected. When Richard punctured half way around the others decided that perhaps they had better wait quietly with the rest of the group this time.

Returning home via Dawlish and Teignmouth yielded two more punctures from Luke and Andrew and a rather late arrival home for tea.
Tuesday 18 March 1986
Social: Open Evening

8 Participants: Richard Burge, Steve Hughes, Michael Jones, Paul Palmer, Luke Rake, Andrew Simmons, Mary Willard, Paul Willard
Another preview of 'Jason - The Movie' and some of Luke's new electric games concluded the winter social programme. It was agreed that the monthly summer socials would remain unplanned as last year.
Sunday 23 March 1986
Day ride (With Torbay CTC): Headland Warren
Sunny with gales
14 Participants: Gabrielle Bourn, Richard Burge, Daniel Coles, Grace Dovell, Richard Dovell, Steve Hughes, John Iles, Michael Jones, Kevin Presland, Luke Rake, Vicky Sanders, Andrew Simmons, John Stuart, Simon Whale
Twenty six cyclists set off from Buckfastleigh for a leisurely wander through Hembury Woods and Spitchwick Common. Any lingering doubts about 12.25 being too early for lunch were quickly dispelled during the final climb to Leusdon church, and so the group settled down in a fairly sheltered part of Leusdon Common for an hour’s fun and relaxation. Perhaps the most amusing sight for the onlookers was that of Adam being hotly pursued by Gabrielle and Vicky who had presumably not taken kindly to having dead grass thrown at them!

Steve Hughes may be small but it still takes a violent headwind to blow him off his bike. Such were the delights of the Bellever road, a change of route being hastily arranged near Cator Court to bring the group back to Widecombe. Some took liquid refreshment at the Wayside café whilst other less-normal members found a different kind of refreshment by dancing around on top of Haytor Rock!

When all tastes had been catered for the plummeting temperatures forced another hasty retreat, this time to the lower and more sheltered reaches of the moor, from where return was made via Birchanger and Halshanger.
Thursday 27 March 1986
Social: Cinema Trip - Clockwise

4 Participants: Michael Jones, Unknown Rider 1, Unknown Rider 2, Unknown Rider 3
Apologies to those members who weren#t told about this visit to the Colony cinema at Torquay, but it was a last minute decision and only one car was available for transport. John Cleese is a natural comedian and provided excellent entertainment throughout.
Sunday 30 March 1986
Afternoon ride: Shipley Bridge
Sunny with showers
15 Participants: Phiip Drew, Richard Hopper, Steve Hughes, Michael Jones, Andrew Lawson (14, Torquay), Simon Lewis, Warren Masters, Philip Mills, Paul Palmer, Luke Rake, Andrew Simmons, Roger Simmons, Suzie Simmons, Paul Willard, Mark Williams
Easter day, being the final preparation ride for the junior tour, was well supported, with six lads joining us from Torbay and Dawlish. The climb to Gidley Bridge via Nurston farm was rather slow due to a distinct lack of effort from Philip and Simon from Dawlish. Things changed dramatically at Shipley however when Michael offered crème eggs to those arriving at the dam within the specified time!

Seeing no other way forward, Steve and Andrew Lawson started back for Shipley as soon as they’d eaten their eggs. No-one noticed until too late, so a message was sent back with some local walkers and the rest of the group continued across the somewhat boggy moorland to Water Oak Corner and Cross Furzes, further crème eggs changing hands in order to ensure speedy arrival at the latter.

The other lads were waiting at Redmount on our return, so there was just time for some light refreshments before returning home. No mention will be made of the name of the Dawlish Tiddler who broke a real egg on Michael’s spare bed!
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