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Sunday 24 November 1985
Day ride (With Torbay CTC): Noss Mayo
5 Participants: Steve Hughes, Brett Jamieson, Michael Jones, Kevin Presland, Andrew Simmons
The route to Noss Mayo put up surprisingly little resistance as we speeded towards the destination for a 12.30 lunch. The bus shelter, not being the warmest of places to enjoy an afternoon nap, was quickly vacated for a warming meander around the village, which looked delightful in the autumn sunshine.

The decision to try the short cut from Membland to Brownstone was quickly regretted by those whose mudguard clearance was less than 10mm. By the time Brett, Mark and Michael had got through the quagmire the others were beginning to regret it too!

The homeward route via Avonwick and Totnes was not easy for those affected by the cold, but pieces of chocolate proved sufficient to coax them home before the night frost set in.
Tuesday 26 November 1985
Social: Wheels

10 Participants: Richard Burge, Steve Hughes, John Iles, Michael Jones, Paul Palmer, Luke Rake, Andrew Simmons, Jane Simmons, Suzie Simmons, Paul Willard
The November schedule was concluded with a discussion about various aspects of cycle wheels and their maintenance. Any complaints from parents about children riding around on square wheels should be directed to the club's solicitors at Godalming.
Sunday 1 December 1985
Afternoon ride (With Torbay CTC): Bradley Woods
4 Participants: Michael Jones, Paul Palmer, Luke Rake, Andrew Simmons
Progress towards the East Ogwell pick-up was aided by a short break in the showers and a favourable tailwind along the A38. A brief glance at the map revealed an interesting shortcut from Millcross Bridge to Little Holbeam. We made our way through the mud and puddles until the Kestor Brook posed a problem in the form of a high-running ford. Luke spoke bravely of crossing it single-handed until he had carried out a depth test, whereupon he quickly followed the others over the little clapper bridge.

After meeting the Torbay group (all two of them) we continued to Broadhempston. From there we made our own way home through the rain via Green (well, more brown actually) Lane.
Sunday 8 December 1985
Day ride (With Torbay CTC): Hallsands
7 Participants: Richard Burge, Michael Jones, Kevin Presland, Andrew Simmons, Jane Simmons, Roger Simmons, Simon Whale
Some members felt that Hallsands was a little too far away for comfort, so the group divided near East Allington with three Torbay members proceeding to the destination and the South Dartmoor group diverting to Stokenham and Torcross for lunch and silly games on the beach.

An early departure at 2.15 allowed time for a visit to the Pine Lodge Guest House at Forces Cross near Blackawton before returning to Buckfastleigh via Tuckenhay and Totnes.
Tuesday 10 December 1985
Social: Games Evening

11 Participants: Richard Burge, Steve Hughes, Mark Hunt, Michael Jones, Paul Palmer, Luke Rake, Andrew Simmons, Roger Simmons, Suzie Simmons, Marc Thorp, Paul Willard
This was a fun evening, the fun being provided by computer games, table football, backgammon, table skittles and records. The social was rounded off with some delicious sausage rolls, mince pies and jam tarts.
Sunday 15 December 1985
Day ride: Lawrence Castle
9 Participants: Richard Burge, Brett Jamieson, Michael Jones, Kevin Presland, Andrew Simmons, Roger Simmons, Mark Stott, John Stuart, Simon Whale
There was time for sustenance at the newsagents in Chudleigh whilst waiting for the six senior Dawlish Diddlers riders who had arranged to meet us there. When they arrived we were amused to hear how Jonno had woken up only fifteen minutes before the Dawlish start time and still managed to be on the ride: the vision of him biting slices off his cucumber because he didn’t have time to search for a knife was particularly comical.

On arrival at the castle (tower) we lifted our bikes over a padlocked gate and rode along the track through Tower Wood where we quickly found a suitable place for lunch. Michael was then able to answer the many questions regarding the contents of his granary sandwiches.

The highlight of the day was the ride down Telegraph Hill where some of us reached a speed of 50mph. Simon unfortunately broke his rear hub at Kenford and had to phone home for transport. The rest of us accompanied the Dawdlers back to Dawlish, caught a train to Newton Abbot and still got home by 5.30 – quite an eventful day.
Sunday 22 December 1985
Day ride (With Torbay CTC): Cockwood for Christmas Lunch
Mainly dry
11 Participants: Richard Burge, Daniel Coles, Steve Hughes, John Iles, Brett Jamieson, Michael Jones, Paul Palmer, Kevin Presland, Luke Rake, Mark Stott, John Stuart
At last! Successful rendezvous at Gappah! Yes, believe it or not gentle reader, the Torbay and South Dartmoor Sections finally achieved the impossible – meeting up in the right place at the right time. Perhaps the ‘Gappah Jinx’ has been beaten once and for all?

After the exhilarating descent to Starcross with its tricky hairpin we made our way to our lunch stop, the Ship Inn at Cockwood. A section of the establishment had been reserved for us by prior arrangement and the assembled throng (of twenty) tucked into a variety of dishes, made all the more tasty by the generous discounts given. (I can recommend the vegetable curry!)

We eventually tore ourselves away and a number of overladen bicycles made their way to Dawlish Warren and then to Dawlish via the coast path (actually a footpath so be sensible if you use it). The final section was awash under heavy seas so we switched to the road for the five minute journey to our next port of call, Hawtreys, where abundant quantities of mince pies, cakes and tea were generously provided by Don and Grace Hassall.

A few softies wanted to catch the train to Newton Abbot again but the majority decision was to cycle, and darkness fell as we passed through Bishopsteignton. After a short delay in Newton to effect lighting repairs we arrived home at about 6.30, ready for our supper (small portions of course).
Friday 27 December 1985
Social: Christmas Spectacular

13 Participants: Richard Burge, Steve Hughes, John Iles, Brett Jamieson, Michael Jones, Kevin Presland, Luke Rake, Andrew Simmons, Jane Simmons, Suzie Simmons, Mark Stott, John Stuart, Paul Willard
In all there were eighteen people at Redmount for our five-hour Christmas social, organised in association with Torbay and Dawlish. A preview of our home movie 'Jason', starring and produced by a number of Section members, concluded a marathon session of adventure games, videos, music, computer games, mince pies and ice creams, all provided within close proximity of a roaring log fire.
Saturday 28 December 1985
Social: Cinema Trip - Back to the Future

1 Participants: Michael Jones
I think everyone enjoyed this film (all nineteen of us) at the Colony cinema, Torquay. Pure escapist fantasy of course, but what's wrong with that? Go and see it - it may even set you thinking about time travel and other imponderable mysteries: Is space endless? Do I exist or am I just a figment of someone else's imagination? Does life have an inner meaning?

[Attendance list incomplete]
Sunday 29 December 1985
Day ride (With Torbay CTC): Bowerman's Nose
11 Participants: Tristram Brown (Junior, Devon), Richard Burge, Brett Jamieson, Michael Jones, Kevin Presland, Luke Rake, Andrew Simmons, Jane Simmons, Roger Simmons, Mark Stott, John Stuart
A brisk sunny start and we were winding or way up to the frosty peaks of Dartmoor, pausing only to be entertained by the Jolly Wally from Plymouth Poly. Stopping near Saddle Tor to discover the sledging properties of Luke’s backpack resulted in the strap snapping, but Brett generously rushed to the rescue and loaded the bag onto his carrier for the rest of the ride.

Lunch at the nose preceded a mass dilemma as to what to do next. The Torbay group decided to head back via Bovey whilst we continued our exploration of the frozen moorland scenery, discovering that the Jay’s Grave track was still unrideable owing to frozen hoof marks! A number of people came off whilst gingerly traversing icy stretches on the roads, including Michael - with a helping hand from Brett!

Stopping only in Widecombe for tea and cakes we made our way homeward via Ponsworthy, Holne Chase and Peartree.
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