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Friday 21 June 1985
Evening ride: Cancelled
4 Participants: Steph Crutchley-Iles, John Iles, Michael Jones, Luke Rake
If we had expected fine weather for our Friday evening ride on the longest day we were quickly disillusioned. The ride was quickly diverted to Redmount where the evening was usefully spent on various administrative tasks such as writing this report and planning the August treasure hunt – all by the comfort of a warm fire of course.
Sunday 23 June 1985
Day ride: Widecombe
11 Participants: Steph Crutchley-Iles, Mark Gruit, Mark Hunt, John Iles, Michael Jones, Paul Palmer, Luke Rake, Andrew Simmons, John Stuart, Paul Willard, Peter Willard
Rain stopped play once again for our Sunday ride, and no-one was more disappointed than Luke who had spent some considerable time planning a letterbox ride for us. The thought of being deprived of two rides in as many days, however, triggered the group to cycle an interesting if brief ride around Hembury Woods, incorporating the track from North Wood to Shuttaford.

Wet and bedraggled but not completely outdone the remainder of the day was spent enjoying slides and videos at Redmount.
Tuesday 25 June 1985
Evening ride: Beaston Farm
14 Participants: Grace Dovell, Jeremy Ford (8, Buckfastleigh), Ian Ganney (9, Buckfastleigh), Dayle Guy (10, Buckfastleigh), Mark Hunt, Paul Hunt (Adult, Buckfastleigh), John Iles, Michael Jones, Paul Palmer, Luke Rake, Marc Thorp, Paul Thorp, Paul Willard, Peter Willard
Colston Road made a pleasant but hilly introduction to club activities for our new youngsters, who proved admirably that being young doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t keep up with the rest!

The ride through Staverton to Broadhempston passed without incident, but that cannot be said for the remainder of the evening. Four days of rain had left the track from Beaston to Halswell with a higher than usual muddy puddle count and the boys, being boys, somehow managed to attract a sizeable proportion of the stuff to their nice clean clothes. Far from being concerned about who was going to clean up the mess when they arrived home, they appeared to thoroughly enjoy the whole escapade and wanted to know if there was any more mud they could cycle through!

A few steep hills and a hay fight brought everyone back to reality – well, back to Five Lanes actually, from where the track route was taken to the main road and home. Parents may be relieved to hear that mud and late nights will definitely be OFF the menu for the next few weeks – until the holidays at least!
Sunday 30 June 1985
Afternoon ride: Ashprington
Dry / warm
10 Participants: Steven Bowles, Daniel Coles (13, Paignton), Jeremy Ford, Mark Gruit, Dayle Guy, Mark Hunt, Michael Jones, Luke Rake, Tim Whiteoak, Peter Willard
The eight from Buckfastleigh somehow managed to negotiate the Colston hills in record time, thereby keeping the three o’clock appointment with Steven and Daniel at Totnes Plains. The Dawlish Dawdlers, who had spent the day cycling along the Dart, arrived at Bow Bridge a minute before us for the second connection of the day, making numbers up to seventeen. At last there was a chance to relax.

The bridle path from Ashprington to Totnes proved interesting to say the least. Stinging nettles, stiles, steep tracks and fallen branches all conspired to impede out progress. The route was not without its rewards, however, which included some scenic views of the Home and Fleet Mill reaches of the river Dart.

All went smoothly until the track turned rough and Tim got a puncture. Repairs were hampered were hampered by Tim’s lack of spare tube and pump – the tune was a 26” Schrader. Fortunately other members of the group were able to supply the parts necessary to construct a suitable pump, and completion of the ride was then delayed only by a water fight – involving Alan and Steven of course.
Friday 5 July 1985
Evening ride: Spitchwick
9 Participants: Jeremy Ford, Dayle Guy, Mark Hunt, Michael Jones, Luke Rake, Marc Thorp, Paul Thorp, Paul Willard, Peter Willard
With all the publicity surrounding the Hood Fair 'Travellers' we thought it would be interesting to see for ourselves what was going on at Spitchwick. After riding all the way to New Bridge via Hembury, however, we were disappointed to find an unfriendly response to 'outsiders'. Police cars lined the return route near Ashburton ready for the weekend's invasion.
Sunday 7 July 1985
Day ride: Cockington
8 Participants: Simon Birtles, Steven Bowles, Daniel Coles, Michael Jones, Mark Moxham, John Stuart, Paul Willard, Peter Willard
Those attending enjoyed a ride along Paignton sea front and lunch at Cockington Court before joining Torbay's afternoon ride to Bradley Woods, which was well supported. Others, I suspect, also enjoyed the pleasures of the beach, but they didn't cycle there!
Tuesday 9 July 1985
Social: Games Evening

8 Participants: Jeremy Ford, Mark Hunt, John Iles, Michael Jones, Paul Palmer, Luke Rake, Paul Willard, Peter Willard
The Dawlish Dawdlers swelled numbers to thirteen for the group's third social. In addition to playing computer games and watching a video about frame-building the forthcoming camping weekend was planned in some detail.
Saturday 13 July 1985
Weekend ride: East Allington Camping
Day 1
13 Participants: Steph Crutchley-Iles, Jeremy Ford, Mark Hunt, John Iles, Brett Jamieson (12, Torquay), Michael Jones, Philip Mills (12, Torquay), Paul Palmer, Luke Rake, Andrew Simmons, John Stuart, Marc Thorp, Peter Willard
Although it was dry as we set off along Colston road, the bright sunshine of the morning had given way to ominous grey clouds and it seemed unlikely that we would reach our destination without a soaking. Shortly after leaving Totnes, following a rather prolonged re-victualling stop, our fears were realised: the heavens opened and, furthermore, remained open for the rest of the afternoon.

Progress between Harbertonford and Moreleigh was impeded by a flock of sheep being shepherded towards the latter – very picturesque on a fine summer’s day, but on a day such as this more likely to turn one’s mind to thoughts of mint sauce.

Higher Poole farm, where we were to spend the night under canvas, is only ten minutes or so ride from Moreleigh, and it was with relief that we rode into the farmyard. After some consultation it was decided that, in view of the weather conditions, we would pitch our tents in the garden rather than a field, this being possible as the farm is owned by relatives of Michael.

Once the tents were up the rain stopped. This was most welcome as it meant that the various suppers prepared by the group were not made soggy by surplus water. The evening was spent investigating aerodynamic and aerobatic qualities of Frisbees and tennis balls, and we all ‘turned in’ at about 10pm.
Sunday 14 July 1985
Weekend ride: East Allington Camping
Day 2
Hot and sunny
13 Participants: Steph Crutchley-Iles, Jeremy Ford, Mark Hunt, John Iles, Brett Jamieson, Michael Jones, Philip Mills, Paul Palmer, Luke Rake, Andrew Simmons, John Stuart, Marc Thorp, Peter Willard
Despite the combined efforts of Luke's nocturnal mutterings and a cockerel who commenced crowing at about 4am, the campers had a good night’s sleep, and following a leisurely breakfast (particularly in Steph’s case) we ‘broke camp’ at about 10.30.

Elevenses were taken at Torcross and then, after some initial confusion regarding its whereabouts, we took the coast path to Bee Sands, from where we made our way through Stokenham and a series of switchback South Hams lanes until we had a very welcome lunch stop on a grassy bank outside the Buckland-tour-Saints hotel.

After lunch we passed the old Buckland All Saints church, then plunged through Goveton and climbed through Loddiswell before heading on towards North Huish. We were all beginning to flag a little when we came across an open garage at California Cross where we replenished ourselves before cycling the last couple of miles. We arrived at North Huish church a few minutes early for our 3.30 rendezvous with the afternoon ride from Buckfastleigh.

Shortly afterwards, four riders arrived: Marc, Peter and Jeremy, led by John Stuart. There was time for a brief rest in the sun, but then it was onwards and upwards for the journey home. On the steep hill between North Huish and Diptford Michael acquired a puncture but, much to the disappointment of the rest of us, not in his brand new ‘puncture-resistant’ Nutrak.

The remainder of the journey through Diptford and Rattery passed without incident despite some of the members temporarily mislaying themselves in the vicinity of the latter village.
Friday 19 July 1985
Evening ride: Landscove
7 Participants: Jeremy Ford, Mark Hunt, Michael Jones, Luke Rake, Andrew Simmons, Roger Simmons, Peter Willard
Pridhamsleigh and Chuley Cross made a particularly hilly route to the Ashburton tv relay station. Wild strawberries lined the hedgerows however, making the whole affair much more enjoyable. Landscove and Broadhempston took the group to Staverton Bridge where everyone lingered too long by the tranquil waters of the Dart. We really are fortunate to live in such a beautiful area.
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